Rediscover 7 things from your Pocket every Thursday

Unhoard emails you a selection of your things from Pocket once a week. Seeing what you collected earlier inspires new ideas or helps to take action on ideas from the past.

Connect your Pocket
What you'll get

A scheduled e-mail with things from your Pocket

  • Up to 7 things per e-mail
  • Share your things with friends
  • Archive things directly from the e-mail
  • Choose when you receive your Unhoard
Connect your Pocket
what you'll get

1. Connect your Pocket

2. Set your preferences

3. Start Unhoarding

Connect your Pocket

If you're a #Pocket user, this is a great way to remember old things you've saved.

Already in love 😍

[Dutch]Handig: @unhoardio connect met Pocket en geeft je elke week items die je hebt gearchiveerd, maar nóóit hebt gelezen[/Dutch]