Rediscover things you saved, liked or favorited from the services you love

Get a personal newsletter from your collections. Seeing what you collected earlier inspires new ideas or helps to take action on ideas from the past.


A growing list of services you can tap into.

  • Pocket

    Rediscover forgotton things out of your Pocket and be able to archive and delete those things.

  • Instapaper

    Rediscover forgotton things out of your Instapaper and share it with your friends.

  • UrbanDictionary

    Get inspired by slang words and phrases from Urban Dictionary.

  • Dribbble Coming soon

    Rediscover top Dribbble posts from the past.

What you'll get

Your personal newsletter with all the things you've ever saved, liked, pinned or favorited.

what you'll get

Awesome idea! Pocket has become a graveyard of great in-depth articles I should be reading, but simply forget. Unhoard can make sure I get those articles back into my reading system.

If you're a #Pocket user, this is a great way to remember old things you've saved.

I signed up to Unhoard last week, and super glad I did! It's great to be reminded of things, but it's also gradually archiving things that are no longer relevant to me. Great idea, lovely delivery.

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